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Automobile Hacking and Security v1.0

Automobile Hacking and Security v1.0
Automobile Hacking and Security v1.0

Automobile Hacking and Security v1.0

Find vulnerabilities loopholes and security threats in your vehicle

What you’ll learn

Automobile Hacking and Security v1.0

  • Communication Protocol on which Modern Vehicles Operate
  • Basics of CAN (Controller Area Network)
  • Communicating with CAN Protocol
  • Implementing a Virtual Car Simulator
  • Finding Different Types of Vulnerabilities in Virtual Car
  • Creating the Device to Communicate with Real Vehicle
  • Working on Real Car and Finding Vulnerabilities


  • Basic Knowledge of Linux
  • Hardware Requirements for Communicating with Real Vehicles (Find details inside the course)


Have you ever thought the car you drive can also be hacked and vulnerable to hackers?

Yes, modern-day vehicles are as vulnerable as your phone or your laptop even if their vulnerability is much higher.

Today’s modern vehicle is a complex set of microprocessors and microcontrollers that can be hacked like computers.

In this course, we will see how modern vehicles can be hacked and how we can find vulnerabilities in them.

Since this topic will be new to most of you, we will start this course from a very basic level.

First, we will look into the communication protocols of embedded systems and see how systems communicate with each other.

After creating our base we will see Controller Area Network or CAN for short. CAN is the protocol on which modern vehicles operate so first we will look at this protocol and see how the protocol works, why we need this protocol, and how vehicles operate on this protocol.

After understanding Controller Area Network (CAN) we will install a virtual car simulator so the virtual simulator is similar to a real car and we can do all the basic things on this simulator that we can do on the real car before moving to a real vehicle first we will see how we can work on CAN protocol in the virtual car. Also, this section will be helpful to everyone so those who just want to learn automobile security without touching a real car can learn all the things from a virtual car simulator.

After practicing on a virtual simulator we will move on to a real vehicle so first, we will see all the hardware requirements and how to create the device to communicate with the car.

After creating the device we will go into the real car and test the device. Then we will perform vulnerability tests on the real car which we did with a virtual car.

We will cover this course on virtual cars as well as on real car, so you will have a better understanding of vulnerabilities in automobiles.

So this course is for ethical hackers, pen-testers, and all types of security researchers.

Who this course is for:

  • For Cybersecurity Researchers
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Hobbyist and Learners

Automobile Hacking and Security v1.0

Program to certify electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles

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