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Progressive Web App Development: A Complete Guide: 2-in-1

Download Progressive Web App Development: A Complete Guide: 2-in-1
Download Progressive Web App Development: A Complete Guide: 2-in-1

Progressive Web App Development: A Complete Guide: 2-in-1

Simplify your application development and deployment by creating apps with improved capabilities

What Will I Learn?

Progressive Web App Development: A Complete Guide: 2-in-1

  • Complex dependency management in modern web applications with NPM
  • Building your code with Webpack
  • Styling, linting, and formatting your application
  • Build web apps that look and feel like native mobile apps
  • Audit and improve a PWA with different tools
  • Increase user engagement by using push notifications


  • Proficient in a high-level programming language such as JavaScript, Java, or Python

Web development technology is moving at a very fast pace with new tools and techniques being released daily. With this comprehensive 2-in-1 training course, you will learn everything you need about the essential tools needed to become a better web developer. Also, build discoverable and engaging progressive web applications to make it offline-ready and tremendously fast for service workers to stop network requests and web app manifests.

Contents and Overview

This training program includes 2 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

The first course, Web Developer Toolbox – Essentials for Modern Web Development, starts off by understanding Complex Dependency Management with NPM and YARN and how it will help you simplify application development and deployment. Moving along, you will cover essential tools and frameworks (such as moment.js, a modern date-time calculation library) and fetch a high-speed HTTP request library, along with other relevant tools for your developer toolkit. Finally, we will set up Webpack.

The second course, Progressive Web Application Development, aims at building engaging PWA’s using Cache API. This will make the web apps offline-ready. Further, we will explore fast service workers, various native-like features and get deep insights on Fetch API, Promise, and App manifest.

By the end of this training program, you’ll not only be familiar with how progressive web applications work, but will also have built and deployed a production-ready app with top notch-features.

About the Authors

  • Richard Gill is a Full Stack JavaScript developer. He runs ZDEV, a software consultancy that specializes in building websites and apps for small- and medium-sized clients. Richard has a Computer Science degree from Imperial College and started his career building technology at investment banks and hedge funds; he then moved on to consulting before founding his own development shop. Richard has spent three years working with React, React Native, and Redux to build websites and apps for real-world clients. He considers himself a generalist programmer who initially was expert in Java, C#, and Ruby on Rails before spending the last few years in a JavaScript/Node based environment. His company follows an apprenticeship model and all his staff were trained by him from scratch.
  • Majid Hajian is a software engineer with a passion for frontend technologies who has been worked over 9 years in this field. He is very involved in open source projects, he also helps to organize meetups and conferences around the world such as Vue.js, Angular and is a mobile meetup co-organizer in Oslo. Majid is also a public technical speaker, a trainer, and a blogger. If you want to get in touch with him feel free to contact him on Twitter (@mhadaily).

Progressive Web App Development: A Complete Guide: 2-in-1

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