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Python and JavaScript: The Complete Development Course

Python and JavaScript: The Complete Development Course
Python and JavaScript: The Complete Development Course

Python and JavaScript: The Complete Development Course

In one comprehensive course, you’ll learn how to create apps using the Python and JavaScript programming languages.

What you’ll learn

Python and JavaScript: The Complete Development Course

  • Build web pages and online applications.
  • launch their own internet business.
  • Learn Python Coding and JavaScript client-side programming to master front-end development.
  • JavaScript may be used to provide client-side validation for web pages.
  • Use code reuse methods to start programming real-world activities.
  • You can develop fully working, dynamic web apps using Python and JavaScript.


  • No prior programming knowledge is necessary. Everything you need to know will be taught to you.
  • There is no prerequisite software for the course (all software used in the course is free).
  • No prior knowledge is necessary; you will learn from the ground up.


In this course, we will study the fundamental tools that any Python developer needs to be familiar with. Starting from the beginning, we’ll learn how to use JavaScript, Python core, and sophisticated OOPs code to construct current Python development.

You can pick up Python and JavaScript programming skills.

To succeed in application development, you must first learn how to code. Learning and comprehending it is simple. With the use of practical examples, Mr. Sekhar Metla [MCP-Microsoft Certified Professional] will simplify and educate you on even the most difficult concepts.

The most thorough Python development course that is currently offered online is without a doubt this one. This course will take you from novice to expert in programming, even if you have no prior knowledge. This is why:

The main teacher, who has more than 20 years of professional expertise, is teaching the course.

One course will teach you how to construct Python programs. Python core (advanced) and JavaScript

Many of the students we’ve taught to code have gone on to transform their lives by working as professional developers or founding their own software companies.

We’ll teach you all you need to know to be a successful web developer step-by-step via interesting video courses.

You can use the training to improve your programming skills while making useful websites and online apps.

By the time this course is through, you will be an expert programmer and equipped to create any website you can imagine.

Who this course is for:

  • novice data science JavaScript, Python, and OOPs developers
  • Anyone who wishes to create new sources of revenue
  • Any developer interested in creating web apps should
  • Anyone may achieve financial independence if they so desire.
  • Anyone who wishes to start their own company or work independently is welcome.
  • Anyone who wants to work as a Python developer should

Python and JavaScript: The Complete Development Course

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